Effective Leadership in Driving Performance

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Unlock the potential of your team with our HRDC certified training program, Effective Leadership in Driving Performance. Developed by SMART KNOWLEDGE CONSULTANT in Malaysia, this program is designed to equip leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to drive performance and achieve organizational goals. Through a combination of interactive workshops, case studies, and practical exercises, participants will learn how to inspire and motivate their team, set clear goals, and effectively communicate to achieve results.

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Learning Objectives

1. Understand the key principles of effective leadership and how they can drive performance within a team or organization. This includes topics such as setting clear goals, providing feedback, and fostering a positive work environment.

2. Develop the necessary skills to communicate effectively with team members, including active listening, conflict resolution, and motivation techniques. This will help leaders build strong relationships with their team and inspire them to perform at their best.

3. Learn how to adapt leadership styles to different situations and individuals, recognizing that one size does not fit all when it comes to leadership. By understanding how to tailor their approach based on the needs of their team members, leaders can maximize performance and create a more productive work environment.

Content Delivery Method

Physical, Virtual

HRD Corp Certified Course


Duration and Language

1 to 2 days; English

Target Audience

Suitable for employees at all levels

Key Skillset Addressed

1. Communication
2. Problem-solving
3. Team-building