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Looking to enhance your skills in rest room cleaning? Join us for a one day training program designed to equip you with the latest techniques and best practices in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in rest rooms. Our experienced trainers will guide you through proper cleaning procedures, effective use of cleaning products, and tips for achieving spotless results. This training program is in association with the School of Professional Executive Education Development (SPEED) by ASIA e University.

Contact us today to request a quote and learn more about how this training program by DHS Hospitality Academy in Malaysia can benefit you and your team. Elevate your cleaning standards and ensure a clean and sanitary environment for your guests and customers with our rest room cleaning training program.
Learning Objectives

1. Understanding Proper Cleaning Procedures
2. Effective Use of Cleaning Products
3. Achieving Spotless Results
4. Hygiene and Sanitation Standards

Content Delivery Method


HRD Corp Certified Course


Duration and Language

1 Day; available in English

Target Audience

Suitable for employees of all levels

Key Skillset Addressed

1. Cleaning Technique Mastery
2. Product Knowledge and Selection
3. Stain and Odor Removal
4. Attention to Detail
5. Health and Safety Compliance