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Connections with Venkat V.M. Lingam (Scholars' Alliance)!
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Connections with Venkat V.M. Lingam (Scholars' Alliance)!

Have You Met Venkat V.M. Lingam from Scholars' Alliance?

Join Arun as he sits down with Venkat V.M. Lingam, director of Scholars' Alliance, all the way from Singapore! They discuss Venkat's beginnings and his transition into the L&D industry, the differences between the Singaporean and Malaysian markets, and much more.

Who Is Venkat V.M. Lingam?

Venkat is an International Trainer with more than 15 years of training experience. He is a certified Trainer in Australia (TAFE), Malaysia (HRDF), and Singapore (SSG). As an Australian HR graduate, his passion for developing people started in the L&D and human capital development areas and that encouraged him to include an important aspect of Emotional Intelligence to transform and change perspectives in individuals. He has trained candidates in various sectors from F&B, Environmental Services, Travel & Tourism, Hotel management, and the past 6 yrs on Service Excellence and Leadership & People Management framework.

Venkat facilitated workshops for Government officials in several ASEAN countries and in Singapore in the Initiative for ASEAN integration. He is also an Enterprise Certified coach, providing expertise to corporate in people development and change implementation. As an instructor for the Ministry of Education, he conducts workshops for students and teachers, making him versatile in both Pedagogy and Andragogy teaching methodologies.

Besides being an experienced course developer, he also mentors and manages a team of trainers and courseware developers, staying true to this mission of building up capabilities in individuals.

He champions the holistic approach of creating a seamless path towards education and learning for individuals to accomplish their dreams. Thus, he founded Scholars’ Alliance in 2007 for the reasons of growth, transformation and change of individuals. He is a certified E.I Coach, a certified NeuroLinguistic Practitioner and a certified Enneagram Practitioner.

Venkat has been an invited Guest Speaker for international events such as M.I.C.E (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Events), Toastmasters clubs, and representing Singapore for various International Speakers Symposiums and Summits. He actively participates in panel discussions involving coaches and speakers from various countries.

Venkat is a recipient of the “STAR 2020” award and "Certificate of Commitment" issued by the World Book of Records.

Check out Venkat's full catalog with Scholars' Alliance here!

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