Navigating the Platform

Customer Walkthrough - Requesting for Quotation

A step by step guide on how to navigate TalentStore and reach solution providers to achieve your organisation's learning and development goals

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2 Steps to Finding a Great Training Provider

Step 1: Identify Your Organisation's Learning Needs

If it's a functional one-off training or a long-term development program, TalentStore has something for your organisational learning needs.

Step 2: Use our advance filter options to narrow down your training options until you find a few providers that meed your learning needs.

Connect Directly to Providers

Step 3: Click on the "Request a Quote" option, fill in a few details regarding your organisation and its learning needs, and click "Submit Request". All done!

The supplier will be immediately notified and will reach out as soon as possible to understand your unique learning requirements.

Leave a Testimonial on TalentStore

Step 4: We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on how we can further improve our services to serve you and the learning and development industry better. Be an advocate for TalentStore!


If you have any other questions, do refer to the below frequently asked questions

Do customers need to pay to use TalentStore?

No, there is no cost to customers to use TalentStore. The platform is completely free.

Are there any fees that are related to the course delivery that I need to be aware of?

No, there are no hidden fees for any quotation requested on the platform.

Is there an option for TalentStore to source the right learning provider for my organisation?

Yes, you can use our bespoke solution option if required. If you need more info on this, do submit a request through our contact us page and we will revert as soon as possible to your needs.

Once I submit a request for quote, what is the next step?

Once a request for quote is submitted, the supplier is immediately notified of the request and they will reach out directly to you to take the conversation forward.

Is there a process to learn more about TalentStore's offerings?

Yes, we encourage customers to sign up for our newsletter to find out new and upcoming courses on TalentStore. You have our word that we won't use your information for spamming purposes and you can always opt out if required.

What if I have any other questions?

Do reach out to use using the contact us page. We will be more than happy to address your concern in a timely fashion.