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Suppliers - Becoming a Partner

A step by step guide on how to use TalentStore to reach customers and to grow your digital microstore.

Steps on Becoming a Partner

Step 1: Identify Your Organisation's Learning Courses

If there is an area of expertise that you're interested to showcase, identify them and proceed to step 2.

The process to get onboarded is totally free so no upfront fees at all!

Register with TalentStore!

Step 2: Register your supplier profile with us (it takes about 2 minutes to complete!)

Step 3: Register your products to be viewed on TalentStore

Supplier Registration Request a demo

Connect to your Microstore

Step 4: Browse and setup your microstore to expand your reach to potential customers. This enables solution providers to own their own piece of TalentStore.

Course Details

Refine your Course Details

Step 5: A more concise course outlines, course objectives, and delivery formats will allow customers to have a better understanding of what you could bring to the table.

If you feel you need to change anything, please reach out to us anytime!

Onboarding Made Easy

It takes 1 day to be onboarded on TalentStore!

Our Pricing

We want to keep it as simple as possible to help you manage your costs!


Our Partners

TalentStore has become a trusted platform for Malaysian training providers and freelance trainers

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If you have any other questions, do refer to the below frequently asked questions

Is there a free subscription option for TalentStore?

Yes, all suppliers get onboarding on TalentStore and there is no cost up to the point of the first request for quote that the supplier receives. To find out more on our pricing, do reach out to us.

How do I facilitate the annual / monthly subscription payments for TalentStore?

All payment processes will be organised once the onboarding process for any new supplier kicks in. More details on this will follow the onboarding process.

Do I have control on what courses get listed on TalentStore?

Yes, you will be in direct control of which courses and information you want to list on TalentStore and this process is completed via our onboarding process. Reach out to us to find out more on the onboarding process for new suppliers.

Do I have access to site traffic information to enhance my trainer micro-store?

Yes, you will have the backend visitor and site information that is related to your micro-store so that you can improve your product visibility and reach within TalentStore.

Once a customer submits a request for quote, what is the next step?

Once a customer submits a request for quotation, you will get notified immediately on your company email address and you can then address it directly with the customer.

What if I have any other questions?

Do reach out to use using the contact us page. We will be more than happy to address your concern in a timely fashion.