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Important Questions To Ask In Your Training Evaluation Survey
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Important Questions To Ask In Your Training Evaluation Survey

Training evaluation surveys play a crucial role in obtaining constructive feedback from participants, allowing you to improve your training program. In this blog post, we will explore the essential questions to ask before, during, and after a training session to gather valuable insights and enhance the learning experience for future participants.

Why ask training evaluation questions? 

By gathering feedback through training evaluation questions, you gain valuable insights into your training design, delivery, and content. This feedback enables you to refine your training program and make it even better. It helps you understand participants' opinions on various aspects, such as training methods, tools, resources, structure, content, assessment methods, and technical delivery.

To effectively evaluate your training, it is beneficial to categorize your survey into three stages:


1. Before the training: 

Before the training begins, gather participants' expectations and assess their satisfaction with the pre-training process. This provides you with valuable information on what they hope to achieve and helps you tailor the training accordingly. Consider the following questions:

  • What are your key learning objectives for this training?
  • How confident are you that the training will meet these objectives?
  • What are your motivations for taking this training?
  • What do you hope to have achieved by the end of the training?
  • Which specific topics are you hoping will be covered?
  • What types of learning do you prefer?
  • What are the biggest challenges you face in this subject area?
  • What barriers hinder your learning goals?
  • Have you completed any prior training in this field?
  • How do you expect this training to improve upon your previous educational experiences?


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2. During the training: 

While the training is in progress, collect feedback on various aspects, including training content, structure, delivery, and overall satisfaction. This ongoing evaluation allows you to make necessary adjustments and address participants' needs. Consider these examples of training evaluation questions:

Training content:
  • Did the training content align with your expectations?
  • How would you rate the quality and engagement level of the training content?
  • Were you satisfied with the variety and comprehensibility of the training content?
  • Did the training content adequately meet your needs?
  • Were the assessment methods satisfactory?
  • What aspects were missing from the training content?
Training structure:
  • How would you rate the overall structure of the training?
  • Were you satisfied with the flow and manageability of the training?
  • Did you find the training easy to complete?
  • Was it clear when one unit ended and another began?
  • Were the training milestones clearly defined?
  • Did you feel you were making progress throughout the training?
  • Which sections of the training worked best for you?
  • How satisfied were you with the number of assessments?


3. After the training: 

Once the training concludes, gather feedback on the overall training experience, learner satisfaction, and the effectiveness of any follow-up processes. Consider the following questions:

  • How satisfied were you with the overall training experience?
  • Did the training help you achieve your intended goals?
  • What aspects of the training did you find most beneficial?
  • Were there any areas where you felt improvement was needed?
  • How satisfied were you with the follow-up process after the training?
  • What suggestions do you have for improving future training sessions?


Training Delivery Evaluation: 

The quality of training delivery greatly impacts learners' experience. Use these evaluation questions to assess the effectiveness of your delivery:

  1. How would you rate the overall training delivery?
  2. Were the training materials engaging and interactive?
  3. Did the training delivery meet accessibility standards?
  4. How would you rate the opportunities for collaboration during the training?
  5. Did the training meet your expectations for interactivity?
  6. Would you have preferred more or less interactivity in the training?
  7. How could the training delivery be improved?
  8. Was the size of your training group appropriate?
  9. Did the training feel welcoming and inclusive?
  10. Did you feel like part of a learning community during the training?


Instructor Evaluation

Gaining insights into the learner's experience with the training instructor is essential. Here are some evaluation questions for instructors:

  1. How satisfied were you with the level of instruction you received?
  2. How would you rate your instructor's delivery of the training material?
  3. How effective were your instructor's communication skills?
  4. How would you rate your instructor's expertise in the subject matter?
  5. Was it easy to ask questions and seek clarification from your instructor?
  6. How comfortable did you feel expressing problems or challenges to your instructor?
  7. How confident were you in the instructor's ability to support your learning?
  8. How would you rate the quality of the feedback you received from your instructor?
  9. Did your instructor meet your expectations?
  10. How could the quality of instruction be improved?


Timing and Learning Experience Evaluation:

Understanding the duration of training and the overall learning experience is crucial for continuous improvement. Consider these questions:

  1. How long did it take for you to complete the training in full?
  2. On average, how much time did you spend on each lesson?
  3. Were there variations in the time taken to complete different lessons?
  4. Which lessons took the longest to complete, if any?
  5. How satisfied were you with the duration of each lesson?
  6. Did the overall training length meet your expectations?
  7. Were you able to manage your learning alongside other commitments?
  8. Did you experience any interruptions or pauses during the training?
  9. How satisfied were you with the duration of the training assessments?


Training Design and Accessibility Evaluation (For Online Delivery): 

To ensure a positive learning experience, it's important to gather feedback on training design and accessibility. Consider these evaluation questions:

  1. How would you rate the user experience of the training platform?
  2. Was the training platform easy to navigate and use?
  3. Did you find the interface intuitive and user-friendly?
  4. What three words come to mind when you think about the training design?
  5. Did you find the layout of the training confusing or straightforward?
  6. How does the training platform compare to others you have used in the past?
  7. How satisfied were you with the overall user experience of the platform?
  8. How could the training design be improved to enhance the learning experience?
  9. How satisfied were you with the training's overall accessibility?
  10. Were the training materials presented in a way that accommodated different learning needs?


Technical Evaluation: 

Identifying and addressing technical issues is crucial for a seamless learning experience. Use these questions to assess technical aspects:

  1. How satisfied were you with the technical delivery of the training?
  2. Did you experience any difficulties with training log-in?
  3. Were there any technical faults or bugs during the training?
  4. Did all the external links within the training materials work properly?
  5. Could you access the training on mobile or tablet devices?
  6. Did you experience any delays or lags in accessing training content?
  7. Were you able to download the provided resources?
  8. Were you able to view all images and graphics within the training?
  9. How satisfied were you with the quality of technical troubleshooting?


Post-Training Evaluation: 

After completing the training, it's essential to evaluate learner satisfaction and their experience post-training. Consider these evaluation questions:

  1. Do you feel that you achieved your learning goals through this training?
  2. How satisfied were you with the overall training experience?
  3. Did the training meet your expectations?
  4. Is there any additional content or topics you were hoping to learn but were not covered?
  5. Do you feel your skills have improved as a result of the training?
  6. What aspects of the training did you enjoy the most?
  7. What challenges did you encounter during the training?
  8. How could the learning experience be improved?
  9. Would you consider taking another training on the same platform?
  10. How likely are you to recommend this training to a friend or colleague?


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By incorporating evaluation questions related to training delivery, instructors, timing, learner experience, and technical aspects, you can gather valuable feedback to improve your training program. Use online survey tools like Google Forms or Typeform to create your evaluation survey and gather insights to enhance the overall training experience. Continually refining your training based on feedback will lead to higher learner satisfaction and better outcomes and help you create more successful training programs.

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