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Managing Safety in the Workplace is the responsibility of everyone in an organization. Companies have legal obligations to meet certain safety requirements, but only some go further than the minimum obligations. Safety standards and procedures must be put in place, and everyone needs to follow the standards for them to be effective.
Learning Objectives

1. Upon completion of program, participants will be able to understand the essentials that stakeholders need to know to effectively manage safety in the workplace.
2. Roles and responsibilities of stakeholders in ensuring compliance with safety standards and procedures
3. The importance of inculcating safety culture and awareness towards prevention of injuries in work-safe environment.

Content Delivery Method


HRD Corp Certified Course


Duration and Language

2 Days, English

Target Audience

1. HODs/ Managers
2. Safety and Health Managers
3. OSH Practitioners, Safety and Health Officers
4. Safety and Health Committee Members
5. Safety Supervisors

Key Skillset Addressed

Identifying common hazards, Safety techniques, Safety Management, Safety Trends