Demand Management and Sales & Operations Planning

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• Demand Planning is the science of accurately forecasting the demand for your supply chain.
• In this workshop, you will learn how to develop a baseline statistical forecast and leverage a collaborative process to add customer intelligence. The result is a more accurate plan that may include promotional activity, customer intelligence, and display activity. An accurate demand plan helps you reduce inventory costs and increase customer service levels. When properly implemented and used in the Value Chain Process, the demand plan helps create a lean and customer centric supply chain.
• The Sales and Operations Planning process evaluates the Sales Plan against operational capability to arrive at the consensus plan for the organization to execute. The end product of this process is an executable plan and various operational constraints that will be decision variables for senior management
• Demand Forecasting and Inventory Management are tightly intertwined, this training will help you understand this dependency and address possible improvements
• Many top companies have some form of Sales and Operations Planning Process implemented in their supply chains. It is just now being adopted in small and medium tier companies.
• This two-day intensive workshop will outline how to set up an effective demand planning process and how to leverage an accurate demand plan in the Sales and Operations Planning Process
Learning Objectives

1. Explain Demand Planning essentials in forecasting, the role of the Demand Planner, and appropriate links to the sales organization.
2. Understand and apply basic tools and techniques for driving effective demand planning, including statistical techniques, development of forecasting models, data analysis and use in forecasting, measurement and analysis of demand planning accuracy, and managing exceptions.
3. Promotional Planning Forecast and plan for new products
4. Measure and use forecast accuracy
5. Demand Forecasting and Inventory Management are tightly intertwined, understand this dependency and address possible improvements in the process
6. Forecast Performance Metrics
7. Collaborative Demand Planning & Consensus Demand Plan
8. How to interface demand planning to the S&OP Process.

Content Delivery Method

Physical and Virtual

HRD Corp Certified Course


Duration and Language

2 days, available in English

Target Audience

Mid-level employees

Key Skillset Addressed

Demand Planning, Promotional Planning Forecast, Collaborative Demand Planning, Forecasting and Inventory Management