Developing a Business Plan through Financial Analysis & Feasibility Study

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This program is to give professionals like you an “edge up” by helping you master the meaning behind the financial statements and terminology you’ve been wrestling with. Acquisition of these skills would enable these individuals to be better equipped to appreciate the Company’s Financials, help make better decisions, build a competitive advantage and overall enabling them to contribute positively to the organization’s goal.
Learning Objectives

1. Enhance your financial literacy & financial vocabulary for business & work
2. Understanding the basics principles of accounting and fundamentals of finance and accounting
3. Building Basic understanding of Financial statements
4. Interpretation of Financial Statements and Ratio analysis
5. Working Capital Management
6. Accurately read and interpret Balance sheets, Income and Cash flow statements
7. Building Analytical proficiency for Business Reviews
8. Make more effective, better-informed business decisions
9. Establish the linkage between feasibility studies, business plan and company strategy
10. Understand the process of conducting a robust and dynamic feasibility study

Content Delivery Method

Physical and Virtual

HRD Corp Certified Course


Duration and Language

2 days, available in English

Target Audience

Mid-level to senior employees

Key Skillset Addressed

Financial Literacy, Analytical Proficiency for Business Reviews, Fundamentals of Finance and Accounting