Experiential Selling Skills in Retail

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Looking to enhance your sales skills in the retail industry? Look no further than our Experiential Selling Skills in Retail training program, HRDC certified and designed to help you excel in the competitive world of retail sales. Our comprehensive program covers everything from understanding customer needs to closing the deal, all while providing hands-on experience and practical skills that you can apply immediately in your role.

Led by industry experts, our training program at ECI HR SOLUTIONS SDN. BHD. in Malaysia will equip you with the tools and techniques needed to succeed in today's fast-paced retail environment. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your sales skills to the next level. Request a quote today to learn more about our Experiential Selling Skills in Retail training program and start your journey towards becoming a top-performing sales professional.
Learning Objectives

1. Understand the importance of building rapport with customers: Participants will learn how to effectively engage with customers in a retail setting by building trust and establishing a connection. This will involve active listening, asking open-ended questions, and showing empathy towards the customer's needs and preferences.

2. Develop product knowledge and demonstration skills: Participants will enhance their understanding of the products they are selling, including features, benefits, and unique selling points. They will also learn how to effectively demonstrate products to customers, highlighting key features and addressing any potential objections.

3. Master the art of closing the sale: Participants will learn various techniques for closing a sale, such as overcoming objections, using trial closes, and creating a sense of urgency. They will also understand the importance of following up with customers after the sale to ensure satisfaction and encourage repeat business.

Content Delivery Method

Physical, Virtual

HRD Corp Certified Course


Duration and Language

1 to 2 days; English

Target Audience

Suitable for employees at all levels

Key Skillset Addressed

1. Customer Engagement
2. Product Knowledge
3. Active Listening