ISO 22000:2018 Awareness and Understanding Training

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Looking to enhance your knowledge and understanding of ISO 22000:2018? Look no further than the ISO 22000:2018 Awareness and Understanding Training program offered by HEALTHIND RESOURCES in Malaysia. This comprehensive training program is designed to provide participants with a thorough understanding of the requirements of ISO 22000:2018, the international standard for food safety management systems. Through interactive sessions and practical examples, participants will gain the knowledge and skills needed to implement and maintain an effective food safety management system in their organization.

Join us for the ISO 22000:2018 Awareness and Understanding Training program and take the first step towards ensuring the safety and quality of your products. Request a quote today to learn more about this training program and how it can benefit your organization. Let HEALTHIND RESOURCES help you achieve compliance with ISO 22000:2018 and improve your food safety management practices.
Learning Objectives

1. Understand the key principles and requirements of the ISO 22000:2018 standard, including its structure, scope, and key terms. Participants will gain knowledge of the importance of food safety management systems and how ISO 22000 can help organizations ensure the safety of their food products.

2. Identify the benefits of implementing ISO 22000:2018 within their organization, including improved risk management, compliance with legal requirements, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Participants will learn how ISO 22000 can help organizations establish a systematic approach to food safety management and continually improve their processes.

3. Recognize the steps involved in implementing and maintaining an ISO 22000:2018 compliant food safety management system. Participants will understand the key elements of the standard, such as leadership commitment, resource management, and performance evaluation, and how these elements contribute to the overall effectiveness of the system.

Content Delivery Method

Physical, Hybrid

HRD Corp Certified Course


Duration and Language

Up to 1 to 2 days, English

Target Audience

Suitable for all levels of employees

Key Skillset Addressed

1. Food safety knowledge
2. Risk assessment skills
3. Communication abilities