Leadership and Delegation

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A team’s effectiveness is reflected in their outcomes. A good leader will know how to create a winning team. Excellent Leadership Techniques can facilitate this relationship by impacting the relationship development by focusing on the outcomes, supports the team to achievement of their goals and contributing to their continual peak performance.
A leader will discover that each team member has a crucial role to play. It takes more than just commitment for a group of individuals with a common objective to achieve it effectively. The diversity in worldviews when more than one person comes together can be a challenge to the process of creating the desired outcomes. Our varied training & coaching methodologies can be the starting point to develop the mindset of the individual to take on the role of a leader and to have the ability to build rapport with individuals and groups.
In this 3 day Team Leadership and Delegation Program, we will be focusing on Enhancing Leadership with NLP techniques (a high impact adventure in leadership and team dynamics) is designed for a group size of 20 to 30 participants per session. Leaders will get the opportunity to define, explore and experience what it takes for a leader to lead a performing team, whilst maintaining the high performance and to continually win challenges that lie ahead. Each program is customized to your organization’s specific requirements and objectives.
Learning Objectives

1. Gain a clear understanding of the role of a manager and a leader.
2. Understand key factors that influence the success of a leader and how they impact the success of their team.
3. Identify the attributes of a powerful team, including their beliefs and mindsets about leadership and teamwork.
4. Develop skills to enhance personal communication with oneself and with those they lead.
5. Learn to recognize and overcome limiting beliefs that may hinder leadership effectiveness.
6. Acquire skills to positively influence others as a team leader and develop strong team-centered rapport.
7. Learn NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) skills to unlock problems and achieve outstanding performance as a leader.
8. Receive coaching on cultivating a positive leadership mindset.
9. Establish clear objectives and standards of performance for teams under your leadership.
10. Effectively manage your workload through prioritization and delegation techniques.

Content Delivery Method

Physical Classroom

HRD Corp Certified Course


Duration and Language

3 Days; available in English

Target Audience

Suitable for employees of all levels

Key Skillset Addressed

Effective Communication, NLP Skills, Managerial Leadership, Prioritization and Delegation