Marketing Strategies with content creations Intermediate Level

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Looking to enhance your marketing strategies with content creations? Look no further than our Intermediate Level training program offered by IDEAL MAKER MEDIA PLT in Malaysia. This HRDC certified course is designed to help you take your marketing efforts to the next level by focusing on creating engaging and effective content that resonates with your target audience.

Our experienced trainers will guide you through the latest trends and techniques in content creation, ensuring that you are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in today's competitive market. Don't miss out on this opportunity to boost your marketing skills and drive results for your business. Contact us today to request a quote and learn more about our Marketing Strategies with content creations training program.
Learning Objectives

1. Understand the importance of developing a comprehensive marketing strategy that aligns with business goals and target audience. Participants will learn how to conduct market research, analyze competitors, and identify unique selling points to create a strategic marketing plan.

2. Learn how to create engaging and effective content for various marketing channels, including social media, email campaigns, and website content. Participants will explore different types of content, such as blogs, videos, and infographics, and learn how to tailor content to resonate with their target audience.

3. Develop skills in measuring and analyzing the success of marketing strategies through key performance indicators (KPIs) and analytics tools. Participants will learn how to track the performance of their marketing campaigns, interpret data to make informed decisions, and optimize strategies for better results.

Content Delivery Method

Physical, Virtual

HRD Corp Certified Course


Duration and Language

1 to 2 days; English

Target Audience

Suitable for employees at all levels

Key Skillset Addressed

1. Content creation
2. Marketing strategy
3. Intermediate level