Productivity For Executives

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Increase your productivity and achieve your goals with our Productivity For Executives training program by SH Retail Academy Sdn. Bhd. Designed specifically for busy executives, this course will provide you with practical tools and strategies to help you manage your time more effectively, prioritize tasks, and streamline your workflow.

Our experienced trainers will guide you through proven techniques to boost your efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace. Whether you are a seasoned executive looking to enhance your performance or a rising star in your organization, this program will equip you with the skills you need to excel in your role. Invest in your professional development and sign up for Productivity For Executives today.

Learning Objectives

1. Understand the importance of time management and prioritization in increasing productivity as an executive. Participants will learn how to identify and eliminate time-wasting activities, delegate tasks effectively, and create a strategic plan to achieve their goals efficiently.

2. Develop effective communication skills to streamline workflow and foster collaboration within the organization. Executives will learn how to communicate clearly and concisely, delegate tasks and responsibilities, provide constructive feedback, and resolve conflicts in a professional manner.

3. Implement tools and techniques to enhance productivity and optimize performance in their role. Participants will learn how to leverage technology, such as project management software and productivity apps, to streamline processes, track progress, and stay organized. They will also explore strategies for maintaining work-life balance and managing stress to sustain long-term productivity and success.

Content Delivery Method

Physical, Virtual

HRD Corp Certified Course


Duration and Language

2 Days; available in English

Target Audience

Suitable for employees of all levels

Key Skillset Addressed

Time management, Decision-making, Delegation skills