Safe Chemical Handling

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The objective of the training is to help gain a basic level of understanding of the hazards involved with the use of hazardous chemicals, communicate the requirements stipulated in the regulations, the contents of chemical safety data sheets, exposure limits, classification of dangerous substances and disposal & handling
Learning Objectives

Introduction to Chemical Handling
- Safe Working Procedures
- Regulations and Legal Requirements
- Recognizing and Controlling the Risk
- Prevention of Accidents
- Roles and Responsibilities
- Classification, Packaging and Labelling
- Chemical Safety Data Sheets ( CSDS )
- Chemical Management
- Health Hazards
- Planning Chemical Safety
- Transport / Storage / Disposal
- Emergency Procedures

Content Delivery Method


HRD Corp Certified Course


Duration and Language

1 day; English

Target Audience

The target group is personnel who handle chemicals or other hazardous substances and are responsible for chemical management at the workplace.

Key Skillset Addressed

Hazardous chemicals, emergency procedures, prevention of accidents