Senior Leaders Program

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The Senior Leaders Program is meticulously crafted for senior management, offering a transformative experience that fosters visionary leadership and strategic excellence. This Program is a premier platform for shaping the future of their organization, ensuring the senior leaders remain at the forefront of innovation and global leadership while leaving a lasting imprint on their industry.
Learning Objectives

1. Develop leadership skills to effectively translate strategic goals into tangible results by enabling teams and aligning them with the organization's strategy.
2.Master emotional intelligence in managing change, understanding the transition phases, and effectively communicating and leading through change.
3. Cultivate a mindset for holistic thinking, innovate within systems, manage polarities, and explore patterns and structures in complex situations.
4. Acquire coaching skills and beliefs, empowering others through the HELP coaching model, and enhancing interpersonal coaching abilities.
5. Recognize evolving leadership demands, understand team engagement, and learn how to multiply team members' productivity through effective leadership behaviors.
6. Adapt career growth perspectives to changing workforce dynamics, foster a culture of meritocracy, and guide individuals to align their careers with passion and skills.

Content Delivery Method

Physical or Virtual Classroom

HRD Corp Certified Course


Duration and Language

1 Day; available in English

Target Audience
Key Skillset Addressed

Strategy, Agility, Big Picture Thinking, Leadership, Coaching