Strategic Key Account Management

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Key Account Management (KAM) is about managing your client’s relationship more effectively and successfully with them.

Key Account Management go beyond traditional selling, and it requires strategic planning to handle and manage your key customers. The Key Account Management role is important for any organization's success or failure.

Key Account Management is required as they begin to realize that their sales revenue is relatively higher when it comes to long term relationships selling together with a deeper understanding of the customer requirements. Finding the correct strategy for each and aligning strategy, tactics and resources accordingly is at the heart of Key Account Management.
Learning Objectives

1. Build strategies and plans to grow your key accounts.
2. Select accounts with the greatest growth potential, and stop wasting their time on those with low potential.
3. Develop enterprise-level relationships and foster those relationships for the greatest success.
4. Construct a key account team poised to maximize success.
5. Identify needs from the buyer’s perspective, strengthening and deepening your ability to create value.
6. Craft strategies to protect accounts from competitive threats.
7. Set the agenda and get your project at the top of the buyer’s priority list.
8. Enhance their strategic account skills in interfacing more effectively with key customers.
9. Develop essential key account management skills, learning how to effectively manage your most valuable existing accounts, leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased customer loyalty.
10. How to apply our best practices and planning during the implementation a key account management of your choice.
14. Spend productive time on the key account where you’ll achieve the greatest sales success.

Content Delivery Method

Physical and Virtual

HRD Corp Certified Course


Duration and Language

2 days, available in English

Target Audience

Junior to mid-level employees

Key Skillset Addressed

Strategic Thinking, Account Management Skills, Financial Management, Strategic Account Skills