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How to become an HRD Corp Certified Corporate Trainer
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How to become an HRD Corp Certified Corporate Trainer

Dreaming of being a top corporate trainer in Malaysia? Then, you need the HRDC badge of excellence! Don’t fret; while the journey is like climbing a mountain, the view (and the perks) from the top are totally worth it. In this guide, we break down the steps to become an HRDC-certified trainer, making the process smooth and understandable.

As Malaysia's corporate sector thrives, the demand for top-tier corporate trainers grows. For those passionate about equipping professionals with the skills they need, getting HRDC-certified can open numerous doors. 

What is HRDC and Why Should You Care?

HRD Corp


The Human Resource Development Corporation or HRD Corp (aka HRDC) is Malaysia's leading authority focused on upskilling and developing human capital. HRDC is the talent development authority in Malaysia. It collects the levy from employers who employ more than 9 Malaysian employees and funds training and development programmes for the Malaysian workforce. Trainers with HRDC certification enjoy increased credibility, giving them an edge in the competitive training landscape. Learn more about HRDC here.

Advantages of Being HRDC-Certified:

  • Increased Marketability: Companies prefer HRDC-certified trainers due to their standardized quality assurance.
  • Professional Growth: The certification process itself is an enriching learning experience.
  • Networking Opportunities: Engage with other top trainers and be in the loop about the latest industry trends.

Steps to Nailing the HRDF Certification:

Review Your Qualifications:
    • Educational Requirements: You'll need a Bachelor’s degree or a similar qualification in a related field. Not sure where you stand? The HRDC guidelines are a handy resource to clarify any uncertainties.
    • Showcase Your Experience: All your moments of guiding and teaching others? They count. Make sure you have a well-documented record of these experiences, including feedback, testimonials, and related certifications.
Kick Off the Application Process:
    • The Right Forms: The HRDC portal is your go-to spot. Here's a trainer registration form for you to get started.
    • Documentary Proof: Bring together your CV, which should highlight your educational achievements and your training journey, and any additional accolades or certifications you've secured over the years.
    • The Application Fee: There's a nominal fee involved, you can find the full details below.


HRDC Applicate Fees


The TTT Programme Experience:

What’s TTT Programme?

The HRDC’s TTT programme or TRAIN-THE-TRAINERS’ Certification Course is a 5-day training program led by recognised TTT Certified Trainers. 

HRD Corp has shaken things up with a new framework, making sure that top-notch training reaches those who want to become trainers. This new setup underlines the need to reach key goals before you're deemed skilled enough.

A major move is changing from simply granting a 'certification' to a 'certificate of accomplishment'. This protects the respect and trustworthiness of the HRDC Train-the-Trainers' Certification.

The game rules are clear: to become a trainer, you need to prove your skills and know the industry well. A team of experts from HRDC has developed standards, ensuring everyone is trained uniformly across all trainer providers.

All trainers with HRD-TTT Certification, including those exempted, are nudged to step it up and get the HRDC Accredited Trainer title. Only these accredited trainers are eligible to train employees who are part of HRDC.

For trainers certified after January 1, 2021, you've got a year to undergo an independent assessment. And for those certified before this date, no worries! You get a 3-year grace period to gain your accreditation. How? Just clock in 120 hours of training through the Trainers Development Management System.

In the meantime, if you were certified or exempted before January 1, 2021, you can still carry on training as usual under various HRDC plans. You've got 3 years to level up! 


Active Involvement is Key

It's not just about listening; it's about doing. Engage fully in the activities, ensuring you actively participate in discussions, simulations, and practical training sessions.


Face the Evaluation:
    • What will you learn?: During the 'train-the-trainer' program, you'll learn to strategize adult learning, carry out a training needs analysis (TNA), master the art of designing and conducting competency-based training and learn how to assess participants' competencies.
    • Absorb the Feedback: Evaluators will share their insights post your session. Take this feedback as constructive advice. Every piece of feedback is a stepping stone to your ultimate goal.


HRDC Training Roadmap


Wear Your Certification Proudly:

    • The Certification Journey: Once the evaluators give you the green signal, you are officially HRDC-certified. It's a recognition of your skills and expertise.
    • Staying Certified: Achieving the certification is just step one. To ensure its validity, familiarize yourself with the renewal protocols and criteria.


Expand Your Horizons:

    • Engage at HRDC Gatherings: Regularly attend HRDC events and workshops. These aren't just learning platforms but also perfect spots to network with industry veterans.
    • Digital Connectivity: Platforms like LinkedIn can be crucial for maintaining connections, sharing your insights, and learning from industry peers.


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Commit to Continuous Growth:

    • Stay in the Loop: The world of training is dynamic. To stay relevant, continually upgrade and enhance your skills. Platforms like ATD and TrainingIndustry are treasure troves of the latest trends and knowledge.
    • Feedback as a Growth Tool: Always encourage feedback post your sessions. It's the most genuine reflection of your strengths and areas that need attention.


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In Conclusion:

If you dream of becoming a top-notch corporate trainer in Malaysia, earning the HRDC certification is your ticket to success. The Human Resource Development Corporation (HRDC) is Malaysia's premier talent development authority. With a stamp of approval from HRDC, trainers enjoy increased credibility, making them the go-to choice for companies that value quality.

HRDC certification offers perks like greater marketability, opportunities for professional growth, and networking with industry leaders. To nail the certification, you'll need to meet the educational requirements and demonstrate your training experience. The application process is straightforward, starting with the HRDC trainer registration form. You'll need your CV, any additional certifications, and a nominal application fee.

The HRDC’s Train-the-Trainers (TTT) programme is an enriching 5-day course that teaches you the ropes of becoming an effective trainer. 

Upon earning your HRDC certification, it's essential to keep up-to-date with renewal protocols and stay active in the training community. Regular attendance at HRDF events and active engagement on platforms like LinkedIn can help you network and keep up with industry trends.

Continual learning is critical in this dynamic field. To stay ahead of the curve, use platforms like ATD and TrainingIndustry, and always welcome feedback after your sessions. So, are you ready to climb the ladder and become an HRDC-certified trainer in Malaysia? Your journey to success starts here!

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