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How to Master the HRD Corp's Trainer Development Management System (TDMS) in 2023
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How to Master the HRD Corp's Trainer Development Management System (TDMS) in 2023

In a rapidly evolving digital world, trainers need all the support they can get to ensure their skills and credentials remain top-notch. Enter TDMS: a unique platform designed to help trainers stay ahead of the curve. The Trainer’s Development Management System (TDMS) is an initiative by HRD Corp, aiming to ensure consistent trainer quality. With different features tailored to trainers from varied backgrounds, the TDMS promises to be the ultimate tool for competency management and enhancement. If you're looking to understand this platform inside out, you're in for a treat. Our guide will ensure your first-time sign-in is as smooth as a pro's. Ready to unravel the mysteries of TDMS? Let's go!

  1. The Magic Behind TDMS

The TDMS is HRD Corp tool to support TTT/Exempted trainers. The main aim? To enhance trainer competency. The best part? Depending on when you got your HRD Corp TTT/Exemption Certificate, there are two pathways:

  • After 1st January 2021: Get accredited through assessment.
  • Before 1st January 2021: Your route is through activity accreditation.

For the nitty-gritty details about this division and the criteria involved, the HRD Corp TDF Implementation Guideline is your go-to source.

Let’s Get Started: Signing In

If you’re new to TDMS, signing in might feel daunting. But, guess what? It’s a breeze. Here’s how:

For LATiH Registered Trainers:

  • Step 1: Head over to TDMS Login. Can’t recall your password? We all face those brain-fog moments! Simply click “I forgot my password”.

TalentStore - TDSM - 1

  • Step 2: Key in your LATiH-linked email. This will act as your guiding star to reset your password.

TalentStore TDSM - 2

  • Step 3: Keep an eye on your inbox. An email will soon zoom in with a reset link. Click “Reset Password” to coin your new password.

TalentStore TDSM - 3

  • Step 4: As you pave the way with a new password, remember to save it somewhere. Maybe in that mental space where you remember your favorite recipes or song lyrics?

TalentStore TDSM - 4

  • Step 5: Voila! You'll find yourself amidst the TDMS interface.


For Newbies Without LATiH Registration:

For trainers who haven't ventured into LATiH, TDMS offers a direct route to get onboard. Let's map out this journey:

Starting Fresh: The Registration Process

  • Step 1: Begin at the TDMS home base - TDMS Portal. Look for the “Register as member” option and click away.

TalentStore TDSM - 6

  • Step 2: Fill out the online registration form. Once all the boxes are ticked, hit “Register”.

TalentStore TDSM - 7

Tip: Ensure all the details are accurate to avoid any hiccups later on.

Verification & Profile Setup:

  • Step 3: A prompt message will pop up confirming your registration attempt. This means you're on the right path!

TalentStore TDSM - 8

  • Step 4: Keep an eye on your inbox. An email verification link awaits. Click “Verify Now” and you'll be whisked away to a realm titled “Apply for Trainer”.

TalentStore TDSM - 9

  • Step 5: Here's where you spill the details! Input your credentials and that precious TTT/Exemption Certificate. Once everything looks good, go ahead and click “Submit”.

TalentStore TDSM - 10

1.3 The Anticipation Phase:

  • Step 6: With your details sent off into the TDMS ether, a little patience is required. Your submission enters a review phase. Don't be surprised if you spot a “Your application is still under review” notification on your TDMS homepage.

TalentStore TDSM - 11

  • Step 7: Approval time! Once the diligent officers at TDMS give your application the green light, you'll receive a confirmation email.

TalentStore TDSM - 12

1.4 Dive into TDMS:

  • Step 8: With the formalities out of the way, it's time to plunge into the TDMS world. Sign in and explore the vast opportunities that await!

TalentStore TDSM - 13


Understanding the Accreditation Fee Structure

The road to TDMS accreditation does come with a fee, but the value it offers is immeasurable. Priced at RM150.00 per application, the fee segments into two distinct categories:

  • a. For the modern trainers who grabbed their HRD Corp TTT Certificate in 2021 and later.

  • b. For those who obtained their Exemption Certificate post-2020.

1. The 2021 HRD Corp TTT Certificate Holders:

If you've immersed yourself in the intensive five-day TTT certification course in 2021, here's some good news: the accreditation fee is already bundled into your course fee!

  • Action Step: Once you're actively maneuvering through the TDMS platform, drop a line to Ensure “TTT HRD Corp 2021 Accreditation Fee” shines as your email subject. Their team will double-check and guide you through the subsequent steps.

2. The Trailblazers with the 2021 Exemption Certificate:

For those who've earned the TTT Exemption Certificate, there's a direct method to settle the accreditation fee via TDMS. Here's your pathway:

  • Step 1: Jumpstart at TDMS Portal and dive into your account.

TalentStore - TDSM - 14

  • Step 2: Navigate to the left side of your homepage. Here, you'll spot “APPLY FOR ACCREDITATION”. Delve into the dropdown and select “BY ASSESSMENT”.

TalentStore - TDSM - 15

  • Step 3: This is where you showcase all you've prepared for the accreditation by assessment. Once filled out, the “Apply” button awaits your click. Remember, this is tailored for trainers with the Exemption Certificate from 2021 onward.

TalentStore - TDSM - 16

  • Step 4: You'll be ushered to the Billplz payment gateway. Opt for your bank of choice and seal the deal by clicking “PAY”.

TalentStore - TDSM - 17

  • Step 5: Upon successful payment, the TDMS team will meticulously review your submission. They'll ensure all documents are in place and that any video content is accessible. Anticipate about a month for the complete assessment (this might vary based on queries or incomplete data). But fret not! TDMS has its eyes on this and will constantly refine the process.


Breaking Down the Accreditation by Activity Fee Structure

For those who have been on their training journey for a while, TDMS offers a special avenue. The accreditation by activity comes with a fee of RM60.00. This is exclusively tailored for trainers who proudly hold the HRD Corp TTT/Exemption Certificate from times before the year 2021.

1. Setting Sail: The Initial Steps

  • Step 1: Anchor yourself at TDMS Portal and access your dedicated account.

TalentStore - TDSM - 18

  • Step 2: Once you're on the homepage, direct your attention to the left side. There lies the “APPLY FOR ACCREDITATION” option. A dropdown will present itself, and you'll want to opt for “BY ASSESSMENT”.

TalentStore - TDSM - 19

2. Charting Out Your Training Activities

  • Step 3: To lay out your training journey, click on “Add Activity”. Here’s where you get to showcase all the hard work you’ve put in.

TalentStore - TDSM - 20

  • Step 4: Fill out the dedicated page with all your training activities. Before finalizing, ensure you tick the declaration checkbox. Then, hit “ADD” to catalog your training endeavors within TDMS.

TalentStore - TDSM - 21

3. The Milestone to Aim for

  • Step 5: As you list out your activities, keep a keen eye on the cumulative hours. Your aim? Clocking in a total of 120 training hours within a year. Your progress is visibly tracked on the top right corner of your page. Once you hit that golden number, it's time to hit “Apply for Accreditation”.

TalentStore - TDSM - 22

4. The Final Stretch

  • Step 6: Your next destination is the summary page. Give it a once-over to ensure all details are shipshape, then click “Apply”.

TalentStore - TDSM - 23

  • Step 7: You’ll be transported to the Billplz payment gateway. Here, choose your favored payment method or bank and confirm the payment with a click on “PAY”.

TalentStore - TDSM - 24

  • Step 8: After a successful payment journey, the diligent crew at TDMS will embark on reviewing your submission. They’ll ensure all documents are in order and criteria are met. The approval might take up to a month, subject to the nuances of your submission. Rest assured, TDMS is committed to refining this process continuously.

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To Wrap It Up:

As we stand at the intersection of education and technology, tools like TDMS are instrumental in shaping the future of training professionals. Harnessing the power of such platforms ensures trainers are always in sync with industry standards, giving them an edge in their profession. While getting started with a new platform might seem challenging, it's the commitment to learning and adapting that sets great trainers apart. Remember, as in digital marketing and life, mastery takes time, patience, and persistence. With this guide by your side, you're already on the path to becoming a TDMS maestro. So, embark on this TDMS journey and watch as it transforms your training career!

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