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How we got our HRDC program approved under 20 minutes
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How we got our HRDC program approved under 20 minutes


1.    What is HRDC and their Commission Structure?


  • HRD Corp allows trainers and training providers to register their courses within their internal platform, e-Tris.


Benefits of registering your program within e-Tris:


For You (Trainer / Training Provider)

For Clients

  •  Your program will be HRD Claimable, which allows clients to utilise their levy balance within HRD Corp to pay you when you conduct your program (subjected to Allowable Cost Matrix)


  • Clients may register for your program internally and utilise their levy balance to fund their training costs – also known as training grants (subjected to Allowable Cost Matrix)
  •   Claim your payment within the system – potentially quicker than if you were to invoice the client directly!
  •  No out-of-pocket transactions, unless the cost of the training exceeds the amount stated in the Allowable Cost Matrix


  • Note: A 4% processing fee will be deducted from the total revenue gained from your program upon a successful grant claim.


2.    Program Requirements


  • Minimum 4 hours of training duration (excluding lunch)
  • Minimum 1 trainer who is TTT certified or has a TTT exemption certificate. If you have more than 1 trainer conducting the session, you must select a lead trainer and indicate that trainer as the Lead Trainer during registration. All trainers must be TTT certified or have TTT exemption certificates.
    • Foreign-based trainers are allowed to be the lead trainer and conduct training programs without needing the TTT certificate or exemption, but they MUST collaborate with a local training provider and provide their profile stating they are a foreign-based trainer
    • If the training program is a seminar or a conference, the trainers (in which case would be branded as speakers) will not require a TTT certificate or exemption


3.    Documents to Prepare


  • Trainer Profiles for ALL selected trainers for your training program
    • Your trainers MUST possess relevant competencies that align with your program, and the competencies MUST be mentioned within their profiles.
  • TTT certificates or TTT exemption certificates issued by HRD Corp for ALL selected trainers
  • Supporting evidence (e.g. certification, qualification, etc.) – only applicable for professional certification programs only


4.    Before Program Registration (Highly Recommended)

  • Before registering your program, I would highly recommend you to register your trainer(s) first, unless the trainer currently exists in your trainers list
  • Click on Profile Management, then Training Programme, and finally Trainer Profile Management

HRDC - 1

  • Click on New Trainer Profile Management
HRDC - 2
  • Fill out the trainer’s details accordingly, then click Save
  • Guest Trainer: Is the trainer an external trainer (not your own internal trainer)?
  • Academic / Professional Qualification, Years of Career / Training Experience: At least 1 upload in each category

HRDC - 3

5.    Program Registration


A.    Navigating to Program Registration

HRDC - 4

  • Click on New Register for Training Program
HRDC - 5


B.     Registering Your Training Program – Programme Information

HRDC - 6

Scheme Name


HRD Corp Claimable Courses

Focus Area


Your training’s focus (e.g. Soft Skills)

Skill Area


Your training’s skill segment (e.g. Management & Leadership)

Course Title


Title of your training program

Micro Credential Indicator


Select Micro Credential only if your program has micro credentials (ref:

MICAS Application No.


Only if your course is a Micro Credential course

Course Summary


Summary of your program

Type of Training


Select E-learning if your program is an E-learning program

Type of Programme


Select Technical if your program covers technical skills

Training Mode


Full Time vs Part Time program

Interaction Medium


Language used



Indicate how many days and hours your program will take (minimum 1 day, 4 hours)

Minimum Training Qualification


Minimum qualifications your participants must have (e.g. SPM)

Target Group


Junior Level, Middle Level, Senior Level



Face-to-face or virtual

Targeted Industry


Any specific industry, or open to all

Certification (if any)


If applicable, as well as any supporting evidence


C.     Registering Your Training Program – Course / Content Outline

 HRDC - 7

Course Outline


State your course outlines here. You may use bullet points


D.    Registering Your Training Program – Topic / Module 

 HRDC - 8

E.     Registering Your Training Program – Trainer List

HRDC - 9

  • Select the trainer(s) who will be conducting your program here by clicking on the magnifying glass icon

 HRDC - 10

  • A separate window will be opened automatically
  • Select your trainer(s) and click Select
  • If your trainer(s) are not in the list, you will need to register the trainer(s) first. See Section 4 : Before Program Registration (Highly Recommended)


F.     Registering Your Training Program – Document Attachment

HRDC - 11

  • Documents to upload here (highly recommended in PDF format):
    • Trainer profile(s) – label your Lead Trainer’s profile [e.g. Lim Ah Beng (Lead Trainer)]
    • TTT certificates or TTT exemption certificates issued by HRD Corp for ALL selected trainers
    • Supporting evidence (e.g. certification, qualification, etc.) – only applicable for professional certification programs only


G.    Registering Your Training Program – Declaration

HRDC - 12

  • Ensure that all details are filled in accordingly
  • You can have the same person’s details under the Director/Managing Director/General Manager and the Officer-in-Charge sections, provided the person has the position of a General Manager, equivalent, or above


H.    Registering Your Training Program – Save and Continue

HRDC - 13

  • You can save your registration process and continue on a later time/date by clicking on Save

HRDC - 14

  • To resume your registration, follow the instructions in A. Navigating to Program Registration, but do not click on New Register for Training Program
  • Instead, select your training program amongst the Customize List and click Continue Registration


6.    Submission, Approval, Query

  • Once you have completed your program registration, all that’s left to do is click on Submit and wait for your program to be approved
  • You can check on the status of your program by clicking on Profile Management, then Training Programme, and finally View My Programme

HRDC - 15

  • Upon approval, you may distribute the Training Programme Number (11-digit code when you click View My Programme
  • HRD Corp may query you on details (e.g. trainers, program details, etc.) if they find your descriptions or uploads to be unclear
  • If there are no queries from HRD Corp, program approval may take up to 3 business days

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